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I-94 Innovation Lab leverages the talent, resources and capital of Milwaukee,Chicago and Madison to develop and finance new, innovative business ideas.


Develop Wisconsin Partners provide businesses with much needed strategic planning and development, which is desperately need by entrepreneurs looking to grow or expand in new markets.   An effective strategic plan can make all the difference between success and failure in business.


Every business needs an effective marketing strategy to capture new customers, build customer loyalty, build a solid brand and position a business for long term growth.  Develop Wisconsin’s Partners provide comprehensive marketing strategy services for firms seeking to grow.


Product develop is often a challenging process that requires the integration of customer knowledge, marketing strategy and operations development.   Yet, firms that build the right product are highly successful.   Develop Wisconsin Partners can take your product and your firm to the next level.


The Develop Wisconsin Business Ecosystem is an engine capable  of expanding a businesses capacity to expand and grow into existing or new markets.   Take your business to the next level, contact Develop Wisconsin today!


Successful businesses are highly efficient machines that maximize revenue, minimize cost and generate income.   To this end, Develop Wisconsin Partners provide businesses with tools needed to maximize operational efficiency and then leverage that efficiency to build a market leader.