Develop Wisconsin

We grow minority owned businesses in wisconsin

we grow minority owned businesses in wiscosnin


Develop Wisconsin is committed to providing minority owned businesses in Wisconsin with an effective business ecosystem that supports development and growth.  Minority businesses now have a partner that can assist them in moving beyond the obstacles and challenges that stifles the growth of their businesses.


of Black Entrepreneurs report facing difficulty getting business financing


of Black entrepreneurs don't think they will ever get venture capital


of minority entrepreneurs don't have an accountant or how to use Quickbooks


Of minority owned businesses don't have a website

develop wisconsin makes sustainable and significant Impact on wisconsin

Develop Wisconsin and its Partners are the leading resource for minority businesses in Wisconsin, providing access to resources that, otherwise, has been difficult to access.

Estimated number of minority owned businesses in Wisconsin that Develop Wisconsin serves.

Estimated Number of Black owned businesses in Wisconsin served by Develop Wisconsin.


Develop Wisconsin Business Ecosystem projects an increase in the number of Black-owned firms in Wisconsin with employees over next ten years.


Develop Wisconsin Business Ecosystem projection of increase in investment in Wisconsin's Black-owned businesses over next ten years.